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Guangzhou Evergrande gets hardfought draw, and HK and Nigeria links

The first leg of the Asian Champions League proved to be as good a match as I thought it’d be. Too bad I only got to see the last 15 minutes due to not being aware of the correct starting time. Guangzhou Evergrande fought it out with FC Seoul in Seoul for a 2-2 draw, so the return leg in Guangzhou will be vital. There was some gamesmanship from Seoul as Guangzhou coach Marcelo Lippi slammed the shabby treatment his club received in being forced to train at their hotel since proper facilities weren’t provided.

Here’re a couple of random interesting articles.
The first is about Boko Haram from National Geographic. Boko Haram is a fundamentalist Islamic force that has killed thousands of people in Northern Nigeria since 2009 and been fighting against the Nigerian state for years. It’s become so dire that even vigilante groups have been formed to combat them while some Nigerians are so spooked they can’t even bring themselves to say the group’s name. The article is a little more hardcore and intensive (in terms of geopolitics) than what one usually reads in National Geographic but it is a very good article if not a little chilling.

A HK SCMP columnist, whose column shares the same name as my blog coincidentally, gives out a sensible bashing two lawmakers who tried to blame Hong Kong’s housing shortage on mainlanders. This is an issue I’ve constantly ranted about so I’ll just keep it brief and suggest reading this guy’s article. Here’s the closing paragraph of the column:

Given our trouble, our default position is to blame mainlanders for trying to take up space in Hong Kong. But even if we scrap all permit quotas, it’s unclear what impact that might have on housing supply. But it would be against every humanitarian principle as most permits go to mainlanders seeking family reunion in Hong Kong.

It’s hard to avoid the impression that Fan and Mo are just exploiting populist resentments against mainlanders.

Another SCMP column calls for some sense in the “crusade” by some HKers against the Philippines regarding seeking an apology and compensation for the murder of several HK tourists in 2010 in Manila. HK lawmaker and former Secretary of Security Regina Ip slams the “madness” of the vehement anti-Manila HKers and gives a logical critiques of their sentiments and the futility of proposed punishment against the Philippines.

While I’m heartened by HK people like the above two writers, I worry that many HKers are becoming consumed by ignorance, arrogance and hate in their attitudes towards mainlanders or Filipinos, for example, and have chosen to use this hate as a sort of substitute for real action in confronting the root causes of local problems, a development which is similar to Taiwan which is filled with anti-foreigner feelings and prejudice as well.


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