Beijing blogging- darkness and blue

It’s starting to get cold in Beijing with temperatures reaching single digits at night. There’ve been grey smog-filled days and with the city’s heaters about to be turned on in November, there’ll be more grey smoggy days. However it probably (hopefully) won’t be as bleak as what happened up north earlier this week. Harbin, China’s northernmost major city, saw some horrific air pollution on Monday, resulting in blackened skies, very poor visibility, and even school and highway closures. It’s being attributed to the turning on of the citywide heating system due to winter, the burning of corn waste by farmers after harvest, and a lack of wind. No doubt, heavy industry has a lot to do with it. Events like this must surely push the authorities to try harder to cut down on pollution. Beijing also had its dark smoggy period earlier this year, which was also widely reported in the news and which happened over several weeks as opposed to just a few days here and there. I really hope it doesn’t happen again this winter.

For Beijing when it’s not smoggy and overcast, it can actually be quite attractive, if not beautiful.

Up the street across the river in Liangmaqiao.
Galaxy SOHO complex at Chaoyangmen, designed by Zaha Hadid.

Near Chaoyangmen, from on top of one of Beijing’s many pedestrian overpasses.


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