2 comments on “Hong Kong’s troubling anti-mainland issues

  1. Lots of blather, no substance. Why do you think you have the right to call anti-Mainland sentiment “troubling”? Is Hong Kong your society? Such arrogance. Lazy writing too. It’s easy to cast aside the feelings of young people as rose-tinted nostalgia except, whoops, the British WERE effective governance while relatives across the border were being beheaded in Beijing.

    Anyway, main point: piss off with your judgement, you have no right. Colonialism by pro-China types is no substitute for actual self-governance whatever spin you put on it.


    • Glad to see your comment, but it’d be better if you could use a real name to stand by your thoughts.
      My family is from Hong Kong, I’ve got relatives there, and I was born in HK, and issues there often interest me.
      Frankly, people can reminisce about the good ol’ days when the British were in charge, but none of that will bring those days back.
      HKers are so caught up in anti-mainland hysteria, anger, and arrogance that it seems they ignore substantial issues, as well as think that ranting against the mainland is the panacea to all of HK’s issues.
      This is just my personal blog – you don’t need to read it if you don’t like it.


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