A new start, a new city

Well, in my last post, I wrote about a possible hiatus and it came to pass. However, that’ll hopefully be over as I’m now able to have time and access to this again. What happened is that a few weeks ago, I made a long-awaited move across the strait to Beijing. I started job-searching right before I left Taiwan and I was able to find a good opportunity soon. Beijing has been fascinating, challenging, frustrating, convenient, casual, hectic, and full of life. This city has been as interesting and historic as I expected, as modern as I expected, and even more convenient than expected as well. Even the weather has been better than expected, with the evidence below. Sure there’ve been a few rough moments, such as getting scammed when getting an adapter for my notebook, but you can’t expect everything to be smooth. I have no regrets about moving here and I’m set to move into my own small place soon, though for now, I’m living in a small hotel room for over two weeks now like a kind of bum.

View of Arrow Tower from Qianmen pedestrian street. The Arrow Tower and Deshengmen Gatehouse both form Qianmen, which was Beijing’s historic south gateway. This is at the south end of Tiananmen Square.


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