4 comments on “Hustled in Huế (and elsewhere)

  1. And my number one rule: don’t go with the driver who meets you on the platform. Walking outside and/or around the corner greatly increases the chances of an honest transaction in my experience.


    • Yes, that’s a very good rule. All those drivers gathered at the station were probably looking at us tourists like prey. I also experienced this in Thailand where drivers waiting around near tourist spots were charging high prices but luckily I’d learned from Hue and didn’t take them.


  2. Thanks for the tips. I like your attitude – can relate to the frustration after a similar day in Cairo several months ago (http://goal42.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/chaos-in-cairo-part-i/), but I also realized that it’s just the way these guys make a living, so while it’s not an excuse, they’re still just people, and we enjoyed the conversation especially with one of the scammers/drivers.

    Will re-read your posts here when we make it to Vietnam next spring!


    • Hello Bobbi, thanks for the comment. Yeah, it was definitely frustrating at the moment but in the end it wasn’t that bad. Of course, it helped that I wasn’t exactly conned completely.

      Your post on Egypt was very enlightening as well. To be honest, outright trying to steal your money by not giving you your real change or lying to you about the museum being closed seems worse than mere scamming. I’m glad to have read it.


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