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Skylines: Shanghai vs Hong Kong

Earlier this year, I went to Hong Kong and Shanghai, and even though I’ve been to both these cities several times, I took a lot of photos, in particular Shanghai. Both places are world-class cities, with a strong commercial and financial industry, and both consequently also boast very impressive skylines as if to drive home their status. These skylines are also great to view, especially at night. Hong Kong’s business skyscrapers (as opposed to their residential skyscrapers) are concentrated on Hong Kong Island’s Central and Wan Chai districts, while Shanghai’s are in Pudong, opposite the Bund. I can’t say which one is more attractive, but here’re some photos for you to judge yourself.

Shanghai’s Pudong

These skyscrapers are directly opposite the Bund on the other side of the Huanpu River, so it’s a good way to see two great sets of architecture at once. The colorful, circular, UFO-pod, Oriental Pearl Tower on the left has been a symbol of Shanghai since the mid-1990s, but my favorite towers are actually the bottle-opener-topped World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower. A new tower, the Shanghai Tower, is currently being constructed alongside the World Financial Tower, which will be even taller than these three.

DSC04986 DSC04868 DSC05088
This was taken from the observation deck in the World Financial Center looking down on the top of the Jin Mao tower, which gives you an idea of how tall the WFC is.


Hong Kong

You can view these towers from the Kowloon side, with the Tsim Tsa Tsui waterfront being a particularly good spot, or on the ferry coming across to Central or WanChai. Or you can also view them from on top from the Peak, one of Hong Kong’s most famous places. Even though you’re viewing the towers from behind and from the side, it’s still a fantastic sight.  The tallest tower is the rigid, cone-topped International Finance Center (which I now realize has a somewhat phallic resemblance), HK’s 2nd tallest building, but my favorite tower is the Bank of China tower, which is the angular one with the straight triangular lines to the left in the pic below. Hong Kong’s tallest tower is actually on the Kowloon side, in the newly developed West Kowloon area, but it’s not as impressive as these older ones.

DSC04637 DSC06862



6 thoughts on “Skylines: Shanghai vs Hong Kong

    1. Ha, I see, it’s a little ironic you don’t like the European side since you’re from Europe. It’s alright of course. I like both the European and the modern sides in Shanghai.


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