This post is about a thought I’ve had for a while and I want to share it. It’s natural to criticize, whether you’re a manager at work or an expat living in a foreign country or if you’ve had a negative experience. I do a lot of criticizing, so I do own up to that. However, what irritates me a lot, and what I can’t understand, is when people criticize and act negatively, and then act as if everything is OK or if they didn’t do anything at all. For instance, at work here, I’ve seen people at work scream at their juniors or team-members, even reduce people to tears at meetings, then try to act like a friendly person the rest of the time, always laughing and joking, even with the very same people they acted out at. Then these same people wonder why they don’t get any respect or why they always have a lot of turnover on their teams.
Likewise, say during travel, sometimes you encounter negative experiences and you can’t help but criticize. But on the other hand, to criticize somebody or something for no reason isn’t real criticism, but pure ignorance. For instance, it’s like if you see someone and based on his skin color or the way she’s dressed, you automatically assume negative things. Taiwan unfortunately has a lot of this type of ignorance where both in personal situations or talking about other people or nations in general, they constantly criticize or ridicule other nations or people, but never see anything wrong in it. Worse is that, Taiwan often sees itself as a victim and always complains about being bullied or wronged, such as with the recent case of the dead fisherman after encountering Filipino coast guardsmen.
This post isn’t specifically about Taiwan, but it’s a hopeful reminder that when we criticize things, it’s good to try to know why we’re criticizing, stand by what we say, and that it’s not being made out of ignorance or arrogance.


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