Chinese golfer to make history, and all-Chinese URLs

I don’t watch or follow golf, but there’s a reason why I’m aware the US Masters golf tournament is starting today in the US. That’s because there’s a young Chinese guy who’ll be playing, who just happens to be 14 years old and will be the youngest ever player in Masters history when play starts. It’ll be too much to expect him to win but let’s hope he does well. The Guangzhou native qualified by winning the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship last year.   

The Internet will soon have entire URLs in Chinese later this year as top-level domains will be made available in Chinese. This means that website addresses can be fully typed in Chinese characters 像這樣.公司 instead of in Roman characters such as baidu.com etc. Top-level domains are basically the suffixes of Internet addresses, referring to the characters that appear after the “.” in Internet addresses. This move is an attempt by ICANN, the US-based Internet ruling body, to try to internationalize the Internet more and reduce opposition to its control over the Internet’s domain name system. While the prospect of websites in all Chinese characters, or in other languages like Korean, Russian, and Arabic, will make things less convenient for people like me who can only mainly read English, it’s definitely a good thing overall. There’re a lot of people in this world whose main language is not English and it makes sense that they can type in their own characters when accessing websites.

Speaking of prodigies, check out these kids in the famous Shaolin Temple, in Henan province.




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