New Year’s 2013 at Taipei 101


Another year ends, a new one begins, and to mark it, I went to Taipei 101 for the fireworks show. This was the second year in a row I went downtown to see this, but unlike last year, this time I was quite close to Taipei 101. The fireworks looked good, but lasted for a shorter time and were less spectacular than last year’s. They weren’t even very loud and the whole thing had a damped-down, subdued feeling to it. Maybe this was a result of budget reductions and harder economic times. The weird thing is that the fireworks started just like that without a countdown beforehand. Even so, it was a good way to ring in the new year with friends and acquaintances and tens of thousands of strangers in the middle of the street. Anyways, Happy New Year, people.


This was actually after the fireworks as people walked away.



This was the scene around me before the fireworks.


This was the scene outside the City Hall MRT station (the closest one to Taipei 101) after the fireworks as people crowded outside the station entrance. I had to walk several blocks westwards to get to a MRT station that was open and without a crowd at the entrance.




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