A new reign for China

China’s new leadership finally took power last week, with Xi Jinping at the helm. It was a relief since it brings to an end all the endless media speculation, hype, and scrutiny. More seriously, it’s been a torrid time recently for China’s leadership with the Bo X saga and the more recent anti-Japan dispute over the Diaoyutai. While the media circus over the ruling body, the Politburo Standing Committee, has finally ended, that hasn’t stopped a new set of media articles lauding Xi for being confident, outgoing, more concerned about social issues, and even for speaking good Beijing Mandarin (on account of his having grown up there). The committee is seen to be very conservative, with only one true liberal, Li Keqiang, which as disappointed some, especially with Guangdong party boss Wang Yang omitted. Still, it’s too early to tell and there’s too much speculation. The Western media seems to have a special attraction for Wang, who gained attention as a potential leader and for his seemingly liberal policies in Guangdong, but this reminds me of how Bo Xilai used to attract similar attention. Yet very few of this Western media really investigated his alleged faults and none really picked up on the murdered Briton’s story until everything came out in the open. Wang is not Bo, of course, but I’m wary of when the media focuses too much on certain officials. Here’s to a new leader, a new ruling body, and hopefully more progress in the next 10 years in China.


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