Africa · China

Came back from another very good trip to the mainland last weekend and I’m glad the work week is half over. I traveled to the Yellow River part of China, the cradle of Chinese civilization, including the historic cities of Xian and Luoyang, and the holy mountain Huashan. Ironically, I never had much of an interest in going there, even to Xian which I thought was a dusty, old ancient city whose glory days were in the past. I was dead wrong because Xian was great, with much more than the TerraCotta warriors to see. Indeed Xian was very bustling, very “renao”, and had a lot of activity and sights and people.

Well, Barack Obama won a second term in what turned out to be a rather easy win, given that the polls showed him and Mitt Romney about dead-even, and even trailing. I still think that he needs to do much more, especially considering the grand promises he made four years ago. This time, with more experience and confidence, he should be able to do a better job, whether it be with the American economy, or boosting relations with China and other countries.

Meanwhile, here are two links to enjoy- a BBC writer sees optimism for Africa despite recent troubles in South Africa and the DR of Congo. A Chinese official tries hard to connect with Taiwan people in the south in an effort to win the hearts and make them more open to the mainland.


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