Taiwan links

Just time for a quick post to 2 Taiwan links. The first is a lengthy article from Taiwan’s Commonwealth magazine about how South Korea “left Taiwan in the dust” economics-wise. In case you read this article and wonder, why do Taiwan people seem so anxious, or even obsessed, about South Korea, it’s because South Korea is Taiwan’s biggest competitor and second favorite nemesis (the favorite starts with a C and ends with a). Whether it be sports, economics, or history, Taiwanese harbor a lot of animosity and annoyance over South Korea. Though I wonder if the feeling is reciprocated, given that the “competition” has long been in South Korea’s favor and that South Korea probably has bigger things on its mind than a little island. But, Taiwanese still love S. Korean electronics, TV shows, and music. Taiwanese have been going gaga over Korean pop long before “Gangnam Style,” with the likes of Super Junior and the Wondergirls being heavily adored here.

The second is a fantastic gallery of Taiwan’s high peaks by somebody, presumably a Taiwanese guy. One of the best things about Taiwan is its mountains, some of which loom over 3000m as the album features. Looking at these pictures, I find the scenery to be really lush and similar to the Alps (though I’ve never been). Taipei has got some nice hills and small mountains, but the really majestic ones like Jade (Yueshan) or Snow (Xueshan) are in the Central regions.


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