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Beijing – Great Wall and a Ming imperial tomb

These photos are of the Great Wall section at Juyongguan pass, and the Dingling Ming imperial tomb, mausoleum of the 13th Ming emperor. These two places are actually outside of Beijing proper but still within Beijing’s administrative area.


The Dingling Tomb is located at the foot of a mountain as one of 13 Ming Imperial tombs, of which only 3 are open to the public. Below this crypt (right) lay the Ming Emperor Wanli (Zhu Yijun). It’s the only Ming tomb to be excavated so far, all the back in 1956, which is a deliberate policy since serious damage occurred to a lot of the artifacts after they were unearthed due to mishaps. The Cultural Revolution also resulted in more shocking damage, resulting in the burning of the actual remains of the emperor. The tomb is located several floors below ground in the Underground Palace.


The above two are of the tower and walls above the tomb. There were trees growing out of the wall.

The fort at the foot of the Juyongguan pass, one of the great mountain passes which the Wall passes. This pass was a strategic location for controlling access especially during war. This section of the wall was completed in 1368 during the Ming Dynasty.

Looking out from a guard tower, you can clearly see the other side of the wall extending up the hill. There’s a highway running through the base of the fort.

This temple was behind the fort gate. It was built to commemorate the god Zhenwu or Xuanwu. I never heard of him before.


Beijing cherries- we got to pick about 15. On the right are wooden figurines that were excavated from the Ming tomb.

The spirit way leading to the Ming tomb. That’s a giant stele (stone slab inscribed with Chinese characters to commemorate people or events) in the distance in the middle.


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