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Beijing- Forbidden Palace photo roundup

Here’s a few more photos of the Forbidden Palace in Beijing.

Moat, building, and outer walls at the exit to the Forbidden Palace.


Jade mountain, left, and the emperor’s gold throne, right.

At first, I thought the big lion was crushing the little lion underneath his paw, but it’s probably just playing. The little jade lion, at right, is one of the few imperial treasures that were left behind after China’s then leader Chiang Kai-chek took most of those to Taiwan.


Nine-dragon wall, at left, and a giant water cauldron at right, for storing water in case of fires.

Don’t know where this “corridor,” left, leads to, but it shows how big this place is. The blue lapis lazuli object at right features a scene with a poem etched on top.

The last two are from a show featuring teens and kids about kung fu and pandas. It was kind of too kidfriendly in some parts but it had some nice performances.


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