Hopefully things will calm down in China as the anti-Japan protests subside. Things did seem to get out of hand with references to the Cultural Revolution even being used to describe the virulence of the protests, but then there were similar large-scale angry protests in China against the US in 1999 for their “accidental” bombing of the Chinese embassy in Serbia, and also against Japan in 2005. On the regional front, both sides need to cool down as well because it a military confrontation doesn’t seem out of the question given the ways things have been going on in the waters around the Diaoyutai islets. The leaders of these two proud Asian powers need to truly think, do we really want to go to war over a bunch of rocks? Well,at least it’s better than fighting a war because of a football match (there were other factors involved).

The Atlantic has a bleak article about journalism in China. This is very frustrating, as it shows there are good Chinese journalists working hard, risking their lives, and facing up to all kinds of obstacles, but in the end, sometimes it’s too much. Having said that, being a journalist elsewhere is tough as well, especially investigative journalism, and even in the “free” Western nations, there are journalists who have either quit or moved into other fields.


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