Here’s a cool graphic showing China’s investment in the entire continent of Africa since 2010. China’s investing everywhere in Africa, especially in mineral-rich Southern Africa and Nigeria. The more trade, the better for these African countries. Dambiya Moyo, a Zambian economist who’s famous for writing Dead Aid, which I’m reading now, really believes so and she devotes a whole chapter on China.

Then a BBC writer explains the four Ts when it comes to reporting taboos in China. The first three are obvious but the last one might be a surprise. In reality, I saw the last one for real a few times in China, not the taboo, but the actual issue in question. It’s encouraging to know that government can be open to allowing reporting on social problems like rural poverty and even corruption.

In football, China faces Brazil in a friendly tomorrow on Monday, September 10. China lost to Sweden 1-0 on Friday in another friendly and in June had lost to Spain 1-0, which was quite good considering it was Spain, the world and European champions. China also drew with Ghana in a friendly in August. These results are good, but the question is whether China can continue this form when it comes to competitive matches and tournaments (they are already out of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup).


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