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The South Africa mining killings tragedy is still rocking South Africa, having exposed some deep problems about society, especially the divides not just between races but classes. A lot of top black leaders and ANC supporters have gotten wealthy after apartheid whilst a lot of blacks remain in poverty (there is a black middle class as well). The government arrested hundreds of the miners and even charged them for murder, using an Apartheid-era argument that the miners caused the deaths to occur by gathering in strike. Fortunately, the government came to their senses and withdrew the charges. Firebrand Julius Malema has taken full advantage of this disaster to let loose against the ANC, which he was formerly the head of their Youth League. Malema is infamous for singing in public about killing white Afrikaans and for being supportive of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. This will be a big challenge for SA President Jacob Zuma, and the nation in general.


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