One comment on “Questionable NY Times article on mainland students in Taiwan

  1. Interestingly, I think these reasons are exactly what make it a relatviely successful NYT piece. The careful and purposely arrangements of the quotes and the prescriptions of meaning and impacts of this program do well to shore up that ‘subtle anti-China’ message, which is meant to be conveyed on NYT’s platform.

    Nonpartisan media is a myth, an unattainable noble dream. The irony is that, when the myth of an unbiased media permeats, the mass at the receiving end will buy into the information fed to them without critical thinking, perhaps especially so with a powerful media house such as NYT and its alikes.

    A Chinese (PRC) person won’t find it flattery, I guess, and is likely to find these kind of subtle biases irksome. Besides I do wonder what the students who have their names on it will be thinking of the piece, and making of the ‘manipulation’ of their quotes. But think it this way, no one can live on others’ mercy – attempts to beg for fair treatments from others will prove futile. Continuous self-developing and -strengthening will be the only solution, but even then, haters will hate and naysayers will be pointing fingers – just that by then what they think or say will be mattering much much less.


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