One comment on “Random wrapup- HTC issues, Wang Zhizhi, China’s Miss World triumph, South Africa miners tragedy

  1. Two projects I did before is HTC’s competitor profiling (against Samsung Galaxy III,whose release, if I remember correctly made the most read news No.1 on BBC site back then) and Samsung NX1000’s competitor profiling (against Sony NEX series). Samsung is a formidable brand, and increasingly it has been pushing on multiple fronts – smart phone, smart camera. Not only a good proportion of consumer sentiments hold Samsung Galaxy in high regard that it’s the “best” Android phone that could rival iPhone, but Samsung semi-DSLR camera, with the incorporation of wifi arduously targets the younger geneartion gluing to the soical media, let alone Samsung sponsored soft commericals spilled all over Korean drama that boosts the brand’s appeal. Some people maintain that HTC remains the best Android on the street, and attributes the recent success of Samsung to considerably larger spending on commericals and marketing. Technical specifications (dis)advantages aside, Samsung is clearly leading in the effective marketing front, which is working, especailly in Asia markets.

    I’d love to see ZTE and Huawei catching up for my local pride, though. 😛


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