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Patriotic Chinese HKers take on Japan

Yesterday I wrote about the Dokdo/Takeshima islet dispute between Japan and South Korea, which is actually just one of three disputes over islands Japan is involved in. The Wall Street Journal has this story describing these three disputes, in which recent incidents have broken out. Hong Kong has even gotten in on the act, with Taiwan initially wanting to but then backing off, trying to help the mainland in its claim to the Diaoyutai islands (called Senkaku by the Japanese) by actually sailing to one of the islands and landing on it. Unfortunately, five of these HKers were arrested shortly after. Meanwhile two Japanese government ministers haven’t done their nation’s relations with other Asian countries any favors by continuing to keep up the tradition of visiting the Yasukuni Shrine. This is where Japan’s war dead are honored, but these war dead include 14 war criminals who played major roles in planning and leading Japan’s attacks and invasions on China and other nations during World War II. It makes one think, that despite being a strong American ally and friend of the West, Japan still has these kinds of territorial and historical issues with its neighbors.

On to lighter stuff, this week’s silly Taiwan news concerns a former Olympic medalist and lollipops.

Also, do you like Yao Ming? Well, keep up with Yao on his latest adventure. It’s for a good cause and he makes rhinos look small.


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