Haughty Japan struggling to cope with China

As with other places in East Asia, Japan is struggling to cope with China’s rise which this WSJ article describes, using a specific Japanese city. While Japanese cities and businesspeople pursue Chinese customers and money, many regular Japanese and politicians still hold a strong bit of paranoia and bitterness at China. It’s particularly unsettling that the article mentions a recent survey that showed “84% of Japanese respondents had a negative impression of China, up six points from a year earlier. Nearly two in three Chinese said the feeling was mutual.”

Meanwhile Singapore is also struggling with anti-China feelings. It seems that many Singaporeans don’t seem to be feeling too kindly towards mainland Chinese in their tiny country, which is especially jarring since all their medal winners in the 2012 London Olympics so far are mainland Chinese.

Meanwhile this NY Times article talks about the need for change in China, which even has offspring of the Chinese elite worried. It’s kind of old- July 17- but the article is kind of interesting though not too surprising. It’s well known that China’s political system needs some change, but what kind and how much are still being debated.


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