Beijing flood and spirit

The biggest news concerning China now is the heavy flooding that hit Beijing on the weekend, which caused at least 37 deaths and infuriated many Chinese. It’s understandable, though this is the heaviest flood in over 60 years, because you’d expect a world-class city that’s undergone a lot of infrastructural upgrading recently to have a better sewage system. What’s kind of nice is the reactions from many Beijingers, which this essay from a famous Chinese blogger and writer, translated into English on Chinasmack, does a good job of describing. It also describes in a heartfelt way the injustices in Chinese society, which is very likely why it was taken down from the Chinese weibo it was originally posted on. There’s more accounts of Beijingers being good citizens (no sarcasm at all), as well as a bunch of jokes and criticisms from Chinese netizens (lots of sarcasm) about the flood and their nation’s state of affairs.


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