Ugly side of MMA

A brutal but touching video about the crushing reality of MMA (mixed martial arts). It’s a good tribute to these fighters who put so much on the line for fans like us, and often end up getting their faces smashed, bones broken, and bodies battered.


2 thoughts on “Ugly side of MMA

  1. As much puzzling it is for someone who is not capable of comprehending why people could take pleasure from being spectators watching people taking turns wielding fists across one another’s face, one thing seems clear – the athletes must be willing to do it for a set of very good reasons which does not necessarily has the fans coming into picture. 🙂 No?


    1. Yes, the athletes do have their own personal reasons and motivations as well. However glory and recognition from the fans also matter a lot to the fighters, whether it be to feel appreciated and loved or just for the adrenaline rush or ego boosting. Well, what can I say, despite the bloodiness and brutality of it, controlled violence is fascinating and fun to watch, sometimes.


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