Almost a week and counting- Facebook withdrawal

The idea only occurred to me recently, but I went ahead and cut my Facebook last weekend, if only temporarily since I deactivated it, not delete it. It’s almost one week now and I feel fine. So far. I foresee going without it for another few days so hopefully I can make it to 10 days, then I’ll see if it’s time to go back. As it is, I don’t feel any major urge to check my Facebook and see my friends’ and “friends'” photos, events, activities, what they ate, what they bought, and all that jazz.

I like Facebook, but I also think it’s detrimental at times. It shows me a ton of stuff about a lot of people I don’t talk to or haven’t seen in real life for ages, and conversely, it makes it easy for me to obsess over the lives of a few people who I do indeed talk to or see (partially joking of course). I’ve never been one to be addicted to Facebook, but I check it every day. Wisely, my workplace bans Facebook so during the day I was alright. Then in the evening, when I come back home and go online, Facebook would be one of the first things I’d check.


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