The highs and lows

The highs and lows of this week included a rain-induced day off from work, granted only after everyone had arrived at work, a trip to the doctor with gossiping, giggling nurses sitting nearby, and the company’s “celebration” of its 26th anniversary that consisted of a speech from our head and short videos of some colleagues. This past Tuesday saw the first-ever day off given for heavy rain by the Taipei City government. Unfortunately this proclamation was made after 9 am, during which most people had already left for work or school. And actually the initial announcement was that all employees were to be let off for the afternoon, only to be revised to the complete day. I stayed till 12 exactly and then left, during which the rain cooperated by falling even less. For most of us in Taipei, the rain wasn’t really a big deal, so it was a joke to make this a day off, especially for those parents of young children who’d dropped their kids off to school only to have to rush back within hours to pick them back up. For those elsewhere, the heavy rain did cause some damage and resulted in the loss of some lives, tragically. Monday morning was a trip to the hospital to check on a recurring problem but it’s quite hard to talk to the doctor about health issues while 2 nurses (don’t know why, usually there’s only one) are sitting 8 feet away chatting and giggling, maybe over what you’re saying. Usually I get good service from doctors and nurses, but once in a while there’s the lack of professionalism. Strangely in these past months, I’ve encountered bad service at the bank and on the bus from the driver. Well, there was also a somewhat discouraging but positive experience I had in a work meeting.


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