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The UFC is setting its sights on China, traveling the same path trod by other sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, European soccer leagues, and even US college football. No doubt, China is an enticing prize, with a potential market of hundreds of millions of viewers, if not a billion, and countless revenue. Yet, in some ways this is a mirage because one, those hundreds of millions of customers may not materialize especially if your product is not captivating or attractive enough, two, even if there are, there’s no guarantee of their disposable income being adequate. Anyways, here’s another take on the UFC camps in China and its goal to establish a presence in China. And speaking of China and MMA, Zhang Tiequan is set to fight in UFC 144 on Feb. 26 against Leonard Garcia. I know the news is old, but somehow I missed it. Zhang, who had a disappointing decision loss in his last fight last October 8, hopefully will get back on the right track.

However, Chinese MMA isn’t only Zhang. I only recently heard of Legend Fighting Championship, a Hong Kong-based MMA league that features Asian fighters, and their next event in February will indeed, feature Chinese fighters in a championship fight– the interestingly named Jumabieke Tuerxun (he’s Chinese but ethnic Kazakh) versus bantamweight champion Yao Honggang.


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