Taipei 101 New Year’s fireworks

I don’t know how many more New Years I will experience in Taiwan, so I finally did something this year I never really had any interest in doing. I went to see the Taipei 101 fireworks on New Year’s Eve, a ritual that hundreds of thousands of Taipei locals, expats, and visitors partake in. I don’t enjoy being among big crowds and I’m not really impressed by events like fireworks displays or parades. Yet, … the fireworks turned out to be quite good; they were colorful and beautiful and lasted for several minutes, giving me ample time to take pictures and record video. Because we came late, arriving near the 101 at 11.40, we could only make it to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The large courtyard in front of the hall was filled with people, and we also braved soggy muddy ground before we could find a decent spot. In the end, maybe I won’t go again, but this was well worth it.

Crowded intersection half an hour after the fireworks ended.

Walking along Zhongxiao Street to the MRT station.

There was a line to enter the subway.


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