Bleakness in Trinidad

I saw this documentary about Trinidad on the weekend that shows the country in a new light, and not in a good way. It’s sad but you know Trinidad has made it into the big leagues of crime-ridden developing places when it shows up in a British documentary titled Guns, Drugs and Secrets. Seriously though, Trinidad, or specifically the crime-ridden poor neighborhoods that were shown, could double as an urban slum somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa or Brazil. There’s actually one scene at night when lookouts call out the movements of police as they drive through a neighborhood which is reminiscent of a movie I saw where kids in a Rio slum acted as lookouts on rooftops who warned gang leaders when the police were coming. Watch the documentary here. On a funny note, all of the Trinidadians, except for the government official at the end, who speak in the show have subtitles. Yeah, though it was warranted for some of the people who spoke in thick Trini dialect/improper English, it wasn’t necessary for everybody.


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