A few China stories

A few random articles on China:

When I saw the headline of this Wall Street Journal article, I thought it was going to be some kind of wild, exaggerated story warning about the dangerous Chinese threat, which a lot of articles these days are wont to do when talking about China. But actually, I was wrong, the article gives a good overview of the real problems facing China from a lack of innovation to pollution to a weak banking system, which preclude China from being a real superpower. In essence, the world should not be so afraid or threatened by China’s rise or the “fall” of the West. Of course, China is rising, and America is declining, but it’s not all doom and gloom and people should be more smarter, the writer seems to say. And he’s right.

Again sticking with the Wall St Journal, this story says that many of China’s wealthy elites are afraid of the future in their country and seemingly eager to emigrate to the West or Singapore. I’m not too surprised by the essence of this story, if it is true, because there are many Chinese, rich, poor or middle-class who emigrate or want to. But there’s a certain level of exaggeration here. Sure, more than half of the elites polled are considering leaving China, but honestly, I’m sure that in many countries, many elites consider emigrating, or at least getting foreign citizenship. I’m certain that in developed Taiwan, there are many elites who, while they themselves may not have emigrated, have children who have. Anyways when the percentage of wealthy who have emigrated reaches 46%, as opposed to those just considering emigrating, that will be news, not this.

Finally, it’s not all bad news about China as Yao Ming had his first day of school in Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University this Monday. It’ll be cool for the students and teachers who get to interact with him, though it might be a bit aggravating for him to be the center of attention whenever he goes around the campus.


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