India isn’t always in the news, but it’s still good to see how things are going on in there. The NY Times has a good article about the increasing political involvement of the middle class in India, specifically regarding the recent hunger fast by activist Anna Hazare against government corruption. There’s a bigger middle class than before and a lot of them enjoy middle-class amenities (cars, private health care etc), but there’s also a strong sense of disillusionment and apathy due to problems in greater society. In a sense, it’s possible to see some similarity to China, where an economic boom and better lives in terms of material comforts for many haven’t been accompanied by greater rule of law and less corruption. China though isn’t as unstable or chaotic or poor as India. I often feel that India is a good example of why democracy isn’t always the answer for how countries are run, especially for large countries with massive populations that are still quite poor, like India and China. The one main advantage that India has over China- its democratic “freedoms” like a relatively free media climate and elections – doesn’t mean anything if the government can’t run the country well. But on a personal level, it’s good to be more aware of society’s problems and to try to be involved. The young professionals who the NY Times article focuses on, do seem to be having the right attitude.


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