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I’ve been a little busy lately outside of work so I haven’t been able to blog. Actually, I’m on the verge of finishing yet another book about China. Being a person who’s generally empathetic and sympathetic to the mainland, you’d think that a travel book that’s full of extremely negative criticism and practically dripping with scorn on every page, if not paragraph, about China would be one of the last books I’d enjoy. But yet, it’s a very enjoyable book which has kept me up at night for the past week. I couldn’t get enough of reading about Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing and all the other Chinese cities the author traveled to in his quest to figure out what’s the big deal about China. His conclusion, which in reality he seems to have reached long before the end of the book, is nothing. However, this leads to a big problem with the premise of the book because who exactly are the people who have been making all the fuss about China becoming a superpower and overshadowing America? Why, it’s journalists, academics, politicians, business and think tank consultants, businessmen and the like from the West! Instead of going to them and challenging their views, the author of this book went around China chatting up random individuals and then basically point-blank asked them questions about ideas that were made by the above Western professionals. I will post a more proper review soon but for now this will do.


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