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Finally, some news about Zhang Tiequan. The first and only Chinese national in the UFC will fight Darren Elkins on October 8 at UFC 136. Zhang’s last fight was a victory this February when he submitted Jason Reinhardt. Zhang, who fights at featherweight (136-145 pounds), is 2-1 since coming to the US to fight and I’m backing him to get another win in October. I never heard about Elkins before but he has a decent record (12-2) though most of his opponents don’t seem too special (though neither does Zhang’s).

Unfortunately, Chinese sportsmanship suffered another black eye after one of its professional teams got involved in a mass brawl with the Georgetown Hoyas during a friendly. To make things worse, Georgetown is a college (they’re located in Washington, D.C.) so it means grown Chinese men, soldiers actually because it was the army team, were fighting American university athletes. It doesn’t matter which side started it or what happened beforehand, this just isn’t good, it’s downright pathetic.


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