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China appoints Spaniard as football coach

China football supporters should start rejoicing because of the latest news. Spaniard Jose Antonio Camacho was appointed last week to lead the team to Brazil and onward. Camacho, who coached Spain in the 2002 World Cup where they were unlucky to lose to South Korea in the quarterfinals, was appointed as a teacher, not a “babysitter,” who is an integral “part of our long-term revival plan,” according to the Yu Hongchen, vice director of the Chinese Soccer Administrative Center. OK, while I’m still a little hesitant to believe this fully, I think it is a better mentality than the previous “pursuit of instant success” that the CFA head in the article admitted to. The Chinese officials say all the right things in the article so let’s hope they back it up with action. So in the event that China suffers any hiccups in the near future, good old Camacho should still be around. China has had a number of foreign coaches before, including Bora Mulitinovic, famous for leading four or five different countries to World Cups in a row. This long-term revival plan will start very soon next month when China tackles Singapore Sept. 2 to open their World Cup qualifying group play. It’s a deceivingly easy group, but as the good folks at Wild East football explain, you never take anything granted with China. Of course, the appointment of Camacho means that Gao Hongbo, who achieved some decent results in friendlies but not in the recent Asian Cup, is no longer the coach.

Anyways, no matter what; Go China!


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