Controversial words were spoken by a Chinese bureaucrat about Hong Kong that derisively compared HK’s current leaders to their British predecessors. “They are only good at implementing orders, but no good at long-term planning, and don’t know how to be a boss,” is what the Chinese official said. I have to admit, I’ve had very similar thoughts about the British and their rule in HK. I would even go a step further and say that it’s not just about leadership but about being innovative and being able to create and devise efficient things, whether it be policies or corporate brands. This isn’t all the fault of local HKers because they were governed by the British for over 130 years. It turned out great for them as Hong Kong became one of the leading world cities and even now, British-based/developed institutions, systems, and infrastructure still plaster Hong Kong. Hong Kong enjoys a standard of living, levels of income, institutions, and rule of law that surpasses the mainland and much of the world by far. The problem lies in when HKers, many of whom previously held and still hold a sense of superiority over mainland Chinese, and even people from Taiwan in the past, have to be responsible for their own governance now which has been somewhat lackadaisical. Are people aware that the prosperity and world-leading efficiency that HK is famous for came about largely because of said British-based systems, institutions and infrastructure? Even now, as the article writer (the infamous Chip Tsao) says, “aren’t the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, HSBC and Swire all existing Hong Kong brands with Western commanders and Chinese servants?”


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