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A little bit of news around the Strait.

Hong Kong is not such a happy place. Rising home prices, unclean air, not enough job opportunities, and so on make living there not such a straightforward decision in terms of long-term career planning. Learn more by reading this HK Journal piece which gives a good lowdown on those issues. However even here, the author can’t resist bringing in the China bogeyman as a factor to Hong Kong’s problems in 2 small paragraphs on mainland property buyers and mainland mothers. While I think the essay is sound, it doesn’t change my opinion about Hong Kong’s economic issues. Yes, Hong Kong has serious socioeconomic problems such as excessively rising home prices and economic inequalities, but to really overcome these issues, Hong Kongers have got to stop blaming the mainlanders and become more active in thinking up and fighting for change. Taking on local property developers and forcing them to stop building so much expensive real estate should be a good step.

China continues its march to the 2014 World Cup as it overwhelmed Laos and moved into the penultimate group stage. Its opponents are Jordan, Iraq and gasp- Singapore. Iraq looks to be the main challenge but Jordan and Singapore should be easier. Still, you never know with the Chinese team. Asian Football Feast has a good rundown of all the Asian groups, starting with China’s Group A.

Dog shit has long been a scourge in Taipei, but New Taipei City (formerly known as Taipei County) also has this problem. It’s so overwhelming that the government concocted this scheme where people can collect dog sh!t and submit it to the government which will then give them tickets for gold ingots. In addition, the government is also encouraging people to be on the lookout for dog owners who refuse to scoop their dog’s sh!t and take pictures or even videos of these miscreants. The New Taiwan City gov’t will even offer rewards to the picture-takers. “We believe this innovative measure will raise people’s awareness of the problem,” [city official] Chen said. I’m sure it will, indeed.


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