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Here’s a nice travel article from the SCMP that makes Southwest China look really appealing to visit, even if the way how they did it is a risky and uncommon way. Still I wouldn’t mind going to Sichuan and Yunnan, places of great beauty and cultural diversity as well as great cities like Kunming and Chengdu, and the monstrous Chongqing. I’m likely to go on a small China trip soon, though to East China, not the Southwest. I’m hoping to visit my grandma’s hometown and meet some relatives. As time goes by, I feel an urgent need to renew my ties with the “motherland” and start up some links with family who actually live there. I’ve been to the mainland a few times but they were all short and a little unsatisfactory, always leaving me with a yearning for more.

Chinasmack is a cool site and they’ve added a nice section featuring personal stories about the Chinese diaspora, which includes Taiwanese-Americans, Malaysians and people like yours truly. Maybe soon I could submit something but in the meantime head on over to take a look.


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  1. Hi Hilton, just got your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for the message. Have replied to you, and hope to hear from you again. Happy travels!


  2. And, I just realised you are also York Alumni! I was there 1998-2001, in Calumet College. Used to write for The Excalibur and The Pipe, though who knows where those articles are now. Good thing you kept track of your portfolio!


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