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Go Team China

China “stormed” into the next round of World Cup qualifying as expected, stomping hapless Laos 6-1 in their return leg (China won the first leg 7-2). Why did I put stormed in quotes? Because it was completely expected as the opposite would have been catastrophic though the Chinese team tried to provide some drama by going 2-0 down in the first leg in Kunming. Well, let’s hope China gets an easy group in the next (penultimate) round and that the team continues to improve. Veteran striker Qu Bo, who played in China’s only World Cup appearance in 2002, scored one of the goals.

Onto far more serious and essential matters, I was trying to put a finger on why people’s attitudes here bother me so much today, and I figured out one reason – a strong victim mentality, which smacks of hypocrisy and falseness. Yes, I know technically China still has countless missiles pointed at Taiwan and I know some people here would really like independence, but it’s time to realize that the vast majority of Taiwan people are not living in fear and quaking in their homes about a possible attack from the mainland. On the contrary, countless people here are living, working, studying, investing, vacationing and having affairs in the mainland. If big, bad China was really so evil, then wouldn’t it make sense that the last place half a million of the people here would live was big, bad China? Even worse, is when Taiwan locals apply their inflated sense of victimhood to other countries such as South Korea. It was just last year in the Asian Games for the taekwondo fiasco, when some Taiwan people were screaming shrilly about all kinds of silliness such as South Korea being in cahoots with mainland China in a conspiracy to cheat Taiwan out of a taekwondo medal.


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