Here’s an ESPN writer pondering whether the growing number of East Asian footballers heading to Europe to play in the bigger leagues there is such a good thing anymore. It seems like a nobrainer, because obviously having players in top-level Europe leagues should be good for any country, but, but the problem is if young players barely out of their teens and with hardly any professional experience in their OWN local leagues go to Europe and then barely play and not do so well. It’s a good read, showing the impressive amount of young Japanese and South Korean talent that are being lured to Europe as what the writer calls “something of a deluge.” Unfortunately this is something that China has no part of. No Chinese players are mentioned in the article and that’s a sad reality. Chinese players continue to lag behind both their Japanese and South Korean counterparts in terms of skill, teamwork and confidence, and the gap will only grow as more of those 2 countries’ players head West. Well, at least China’s got these youngsters playing for a French 2nd division team, albeit in their reserve team (link goes to the fine Chinese football bloggers and fans at Wild East football).

Finally, the UFC might be coming to China in (not too) near future, UFC president Dana White says. I’m a bit slow with this news because it’s from almost a month ago.


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