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A little progress for Chinese football/soccer

Some good news if you’re a fan of China’s men’s football. The national men’s team won two friendlies last week, overcoming Uzbekistan 1-0 and then beating 2010 World Cup participants North Korea 2-0. Veteran striker Gao Lin scored in both matches which also saw former team captain and former Glasgow Celtic player Zheng Zhi make appearances, having been omitted from the squad for the Asian Cup earlier this year.

While you shouldn’t get too excited until the squad starts winning games that count, it’s a good sign for the future and definitely better than losing. In fact, China has been on a little 5-game undefeated streak, which included games against 2010 World Cup participants Honduras (win) and New Zealand (tie). China also begins its qualifying campaign for the next World Cup (Brazil 2014) in July when they take on the winner of Cambodia vs. Laos in a 2-leg round. It should be no problem, because God forbid if they lose that one.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) seems to have had a major image revamp. It now has a brand new website that has a cool all-red theme that presents a strong image (red being the national color as well as having cultural significance), a clear layout and good English. They just need more photos and a faster page-loading time, but overall it’s quite good. Just as good is a new gold and red logo for the CFA that has a dragon and phoenix, representing the men and women’s teams respectively, underneath the words CFA and the Chinese characters (simplified) for China (See it below). It’s a sleek symbol, one that is much better than the former antiquated one, and hopefully it’ll be accompanied by actual improvement of the men’s team in reality.


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