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Victoria Falls and Zambezi, Zambia photo roundup

A roundup of photos from Victoria  Falls and the Zambezi River, Zambia, and a little bit of Botswana.



At the side of the falls, left. Two men were crossing over, wading precariously through the rapids in the middle.


Zambezi sunset booze cruise. Drinks flowed, but it was a placid scene otherwise.


Giant baboons strolled inside the Falls park, occasionally nonchalantly posing for visitors. Right, the ferry we took to cross the Zambezi into Zambia.


Elephant at the side of the highway in northern Botswana. The further north you go, the more forested it becomes and thus, the more animals you see. At right, this is a zoo or wildlife park. This is a pond at the entrance into a gas station not far from where we drove over from South Africa.  

        This was at the watering hole at a hostel in Botswana. A small herd of kudu with one especially impressive male (hint- the one with the large curved horns).


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