Today’s interesting long article is a nonfiction piece about post-1994 Rwanda, the little Central African country that experienced a horrifying spate of targeted mass killings during a 6-month period in that year. The general details are well-known, that genocidal Hutu killers, members of the majority tribe, went on a killing spree against minority Tutsis after the president, a Hutu, was killed in a mysterious airplane crash, ending only after a Tutsi army in exile invaded and took control. The article describes the murky aspects of that tragedy and its aftermath, basically making the case that things weren’t exactly so black and white. There’ve been quite a few articles out there that also tell similar stories, and the increasingly authoritarian nature of the Rwanda ruling regime, which was formed by the rebel leaders and has been in power since 1994, and its involvement in sinister events (foreign assassinations on government critics for instance) doesn’t help to dispel this. One can’t deny that a deliberate campaign of mass killing took place against Tutsis took place and in the grand scheme of things, the fact the regime that oversaw this campaign was defeated and driven out is a good thing.


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