So seeing that the Peking Duck blog has a fine, succinct post on why the idea that China will have a revolution similar to those in the Arab world anytime soon is ludicrous, I’ll just link to them to save myself the trouble of writing something that wouldn’t say anything better. Basically it comes down to opportunities (economic growth and jobs) and the future. Despite serious corruption, human rights limitations, and rising inequality, China is becoming more prosperous and many people, however tough their lives are, are seeing their lives improve gradually. This isn’t Libya, where oil money and a small population has given it one of Africa’s best economies on paper, but in reality much of society is stagnant and unemployment is high because this oil wealth is held by a dictator who doesn’t need to bother developing his country but instead maintain an iron rule (and run around inciting rebellions and indulging megalomaniacal tendencies). Having said all this, the CCP leadership should definitely take a deep look at these uprisings and realize they need to make significant improvements themselves to how they lead and run the country.

And thanks to Libya’s moves to challenge China, whether by calling them out in public or dealing with Taiwan (Muammar Gaddhafi’s son Sayf met Taiwan’s former leader Chen Shui-bian, himself not a shrinking violet in terms of ludicrous behavior and inane utterances, in 2006) behind their back, China doesn’t even need to worry about being criticized for close ties with an unpopular dictator.


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