“School defeated the bank”

Spain’s “Super Clasico” produced some big thrills but only for fans of one side. Barcelona made a mockery of Real Madrid by an unbelievable 5-0 win. The clash between the two Spanish club titans was highly anticipated as both sides were in great form coming in, and this was Jose Mourinho’s first Clasico as coach of Real Madrid. I consider myself a passive supporter of Barcelona, though I always like to see Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira, both Germans and Real Madrid players, do well. For those who are new to Spanish and European club football, Real Madrid is one of the big names and they have a reputation for big spending, such as US$135 million for Cristiano Ronaldo and US$89 million for Kaka in the same year. I hate when big teams can pile up good players as on a wild shopping spree and Barcelona, while they spend big sometimes, rely a lot on their youth academy and developing youth players, such as Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s best player. Well, this Soccernet columnist said it really good, the school defeated the bank. Of course, I feel a little fear because the core of Barcelona (midfielders Andre Iniesta and Xavi) also form the core of Spain, and if this continues, I don’t see much chance for Germany (which features Ozil and Khedira) to overcome Spain anytime soon.



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