China · Taiwan

Brawn, not brain drain

In another sign of deepening ties between Taiwan and mainland China, a local basketball team Taiwan Beer is trying to join China’s basketball league and participate as a regular club. And not surprisingly, there is a little opposition, with critics likening it to a “brawn” drain. Yes, some countries hate losing their brightest compatriots to other countries, but in Taiwan’s case, they dread losing their basketball “studs.” Of course, a local basketball team has already participated in a Chinese league but pulled out after 2 years, blaming adjustment problems, according to the news article. The article also says “Taiwan’s pro-baseball league reportedly also intends to establish a new team in China, which will consist of players from both sides and could travel to Taiwan to play.” As ties continue to grow and intensify, people, especially in Taiwan, need to become more open-minded and drop their superiority complex and realize that both sides of the Taiwan Strait have a lot in common and have lots of room to grow closer.

And in another sign that Taiwan isn’t that different from the mainland in some aspects, 2010 has seen male babies outnumber females 110-100 which sparks concern of a future gender imbalance as men will outnumber women by quite a lot.


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