China · Taiwan

There was some grisly news yesterday about the missing Chinese tourists who were swept away in their bus down a cliff in Hualien, east Taiwan, last Friday, in heavy stormy weather brought on by Typhoon Megi. Body parts were recovered, including limbs and pieces of “what were believed to be human torsos” as the search continues. It’s a sad tragedy, and it’s a shame that their tour bus was driving along that part of the Suhua highway in such bad weather. Local news reports supposedly said the tourists tried to take the train to return to Taipei from Hualien but tickets were sold out, so the tour group proceeded to go by tour (coach) bus. I don’t know how common it is for people to drive on highways in mountainous terrain during typhoon weather though, but I’d think that tour/coach buses shouldn’t be on the road in those conditions. An earlier article says that several tour buses were on the road and 30 vehicles and buses were trapped by landslides in that area where the bus of tourists was carried away. It’s natural and common for people to take chances in life, like drive in hazardous conditions or ignore safety warnings and so on, but being on vacation shouldn’t be one of these situations.



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