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Drakensberg photo roundup

This is a photo roundup of the Drakensberg Sentinel Peak hike and the lodge. The photo above shows part of the trail on the way back when the conditions were still overcast.

Spot the other hikers and the trail leading to the car park, also visible, which was our end point. The weather had cleared up and we got some good views.

Sentinel Peak stands out in the distance, from the Sentinel Peak car park, our starting and ending point.

The car park is just a speck on the trail winding on the hills in the background of this great view. We walked all the way towards that car park from here. Meanwhile, for some reason there was this barbed wire fence here. No way, it could be a barrier to catch people falling off, maybe it’s for animals.

Climbing up a ravine on our way up, left, and the Tugela “Falls” as they were. This is winter and during the rest of the year, they flow off this point as the world’s second-highest waterfall.

This is one of the chain ladders we had to climb down during our descent. And at right, this is back at the lodge of course, is a herd of stampeding cows. This was caused not by me, but by the lodge dog who can be seen as the little brown round object at right. I’ve never seen cows run so fast, in fact I’ve never seen cows run at all. The dog took off like it was possessed as soon as we came upon the cows.

This is the fancy bar of the lodge Amphitheatre Backpackers I stayed at, all decked out for the World Cup though of course, much of the decor is permanent. It’s really African in terms of the roof and the masks and shields on the wall, but it’s also got some original flavor of its own. At night, it looks even more impressive and is a really nice place to relax.

This is where I, and dozens of people, watched Japan play (and lose to) Paraguay the first night I was here.


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