Big news- US wins World Basketball Championships

A while ago just before the World Cup started in June, I wrote a piece that lauded football (soccer) for being the world’s biggest sport and the World Cup as the world’s biggest event. Well, I couldn’t help thinking of this when I just read how the US won the World Basketball Championship over Turkey. Sure the biggest American stars stayed home (Kobe, Lebron, Wade etc.) though there was a bunch of good talent on show like Kevin Durant, Leandro Barbosa, Luis Scola and Hedo Turkoglu. Did anybody really care? Outside of Turkey, the host country, and maybe some fans from each of the participating nations, I’m sure very few people and little attention (look how short this article is) was paid to this tournament, especially when compared to the extravaganza known as the World Cup that ended just 2 months ago in South Africa. Basketball may be one of the most popular sports and NBA athletes may be among the most famous worldwide, but it doesn’t capture the world’s attention like football does. And the piece, well it was not accepted.