China · South Africa

A tale of two cities

Two sets of links to two urban powerhouses in vastly different continents.

First, Chongqing, China’s behemoth city that was carved out of Sichuan province to become a municipality, is given an in-depth look here in “Chicago on the Yangtze.” The story is backed up by a photo essay that has some great pics showing how large the level of growth is, in this already giant city. Combined with surrounding territory, Chongqing has over 30 million, though this is in an area larger than Taiwan or the Czech Republic.

Then, when the trailer for a documentary is intense, that’s a good indication the subject matter has to be really fascinating and provocative. Unhinged- Surviving Joburg is about life in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest metropolis and arguably Africa’s economic powerhouse. Johannesburg has also got a scary reputation, and not without reason because of a significant amount of violence and turmoil. Of course, it’s also got some good things going for it, and that’s the point of the film – to highlight what makes the city so special, but without shying away from its negative perceptions.