South Africa

An ongoing furor over a proposed media tribunal in South Africa has spread to international circles as foreign media have picked up on the story and the potential threat to media freedom. As usual, the comparison with Zimbabwe is mentioned as some people feel that the more repressive that South Africa seems to be getting, the more it will become like Zimbabwe in the past decade under Robert Mugabe. The media tribunal issue comes after a South African journalist was arrested and then initially had his case dropped, then reinstated for alleged fraud concerning a piece of evidence in a story he had written. The arrest and the media tribunal idea seems to have raised a lot of fear and anger among SA media professionals, as this opinion piece states.

On another issue altogether, this comes as another blow to the World Cup stadiums whose financial and practical viability has been a big concern after the World Cup ended. Yes, most of them were definitely spectacular, but there was always the question of whether they were worth the big costs as it wasn’t and isn’t sure how they could be used. For me, what is the big problem is that they built so much new stadiums in addition to significantly upgrading several others. Something as major as the World Cup needs some spectacular stadiums but given South Africa already has a lot of decent, usable stadiums, did it make sense to build new stadiums in places like Polokwane and Nelspruit?