South Africa

The World Cup got off to a decent start as South Africa drew with Mexico though the second match was a little disappointing, as France also drew with Uruguay, but in a scoreless 0-0 tie. It was a competitive match and things got a little heated at times, but still, goals could and should have been scored.

Usually I don’t watch these things or get excited over them but both the opening ceremony and last night’s World Cup concert were great. The opening ceremony was good, featuring some local dancing and singing performances, as well as R. Kelly supported by a local choir singing the official World Cup anthem (see a YouTube video of the song below). Thursday night’s World Cup concert was fantastic, as several of the acts like Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, some local and North African singers that I didn’t know, and Shakira put on some good performances. The atmosphere, seen from TV, was what made it great as the crowd really seemed to be pumped for the tournament and the performances. This World Cup will be really special though I wouldn’t expect any miracles. Unfortunately there was a tragedy even before the first day when Nelson Mandela’s great-grandaughter lost her life heading home from the World Cup concert due to the driver of her car being drunk. Very understandably, Mandela did not appear at the opening match.